Matthew J. Sanderson believes that love is a form of art, and that art is a form of care. As a queer man, Matthew experiences a fraught relationship with masculinity. Fractured, fragile, and wounded, masculinity is often wielded as a means of harm against others and the self. For example, among gay and bisexual men, there are epidemic levels of depression, substance abuse, and loneliness. Within that very same community, harm is often inflicted upon each other in a vicious cycle. 


In a research based artistic practice that comprises painting, drawing, photography, and curation, Matthew meditates on the emotional, spiritual, and embodied manifestations of these deep fractures and wounds. His creative process begins with the meditative and cyclical acts of building, stretching, and priming large scale canvas. Each painting and drawing is a practice in revealing a spiritual essence, or transference of energy, between individuals. Synthesized with his Art Historical research practice on subjects such as the HIV / AIDS epidemic, the resulting images speak to a yearning for interconnectivity as an antidote to loneliness. 


His work is inspired by the men, and gender non - binary individuals, in his life who are kind, gentle, and who live in right relationship with themselves and others. It is Matthew’s hope that through his artistic practice, he might bring about a sense of renewal, tenderness, and healing in all those who his artwork touches. 


Matthew will graduate from Concordia University with a BFA in Studio Arts and Art History in the Spring of 2021.